Innocent Words Video PREMIERE: Berwanger “She Still Lives in Me”

Josh Berwanger is set to release his third full length album ‘Berwanger and the Star Invaders’ on October 31 and Innocent Words is proud to be premiering the first video from the album for the single “She Still Lives in Me.”

“She Still Lives in Me” is about not drinking enough water, a walk in the park with a stranger and being given delusional advice from a psychologist,” Berwanger said of the song.

‘Berwanger and the Star Invaders’ is a landmark for the front man of the Anniversary, he has never been part of a band to release three studio albums. This is also a first for Berwanger who is teaming up with PledgeMusic to let fans be part of the process for the release of this album.

‘The Star Invaders’ was recorded in Norman, OK and features many friends and amazing musicians such as Eva Gardner (Mars Volta, Tegan & Sara), Travis Linville, Penny Pitchlynn (Broncho), Jarod Evans, Jon Phillip, Matt Duckworth (Flaming Lips), Ricky Salthouse, and Brian Klein, to name a few.

The exclusives will only be available through PledgeMusic. Two examples are orange colored vinyl of the release, and a horror movie compilation I will be putting together from my collection of VHS tapes and Laserdiscs. The ONLY opportunity to receive the exclusives and bundles is during the pre-order. These items will not be offered after that.

When you become a pledger:
~ You will instantly be sent a digital download of the song “Cheap Thrills” from the new album.
~ You will also get the record a week before the actual release date.
~ You will recieve latest news regarding the album
~ You will also get the first look at the videos made for the new album.