Innocent Words Presents IW10 with Lizard McGee

TEN: Starting in 2013, each Friday, Innocent Words started shining the spotlight directly on up and coming artists/bands with 10 questions we like to call IW10.

Deep in the woods of southern Ohio…Moonville, Ohio.

Members and Instruments:
My new solo album …’Spooky Jets At A Distance’ is me on guitar and vocal.

Short Bio (in your own words):
Lizard McGee was born in the 23rd minute of the 23rd hour on the 23rd day. He lives deep in the secluded woods of Southern Ohio where he dreams, writes and plays in the band Earwig.

What was the first live concert you ever went to?
R.E.M. and the Minutemen in Columbus, Ohio. It changed my life.

What is your funniest or worst tour experience?
Almost being eaten by an alligator after a gig in Florida. We barely escaped! On top of that, we only made $23 from the gig.

What THREE things are a must have when you go on tour or play a show?
Plenty of water is vitally important (and plenty of sleep). Good music in the van for overnight drives and making sure that someone stays awake enough to get to the next gig!

What was the first record you ever purchased?
Prince “Purple Rain” 7” on purple vinyl. I still have this record and every other 7” single from Prince’s “Purple Rain” album.

If you had to record an EP of covers, which FIVE songs/artist would make the cut?
“Ocean Rain” by Echo and the Bunnymen
“Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield
“Begin The Begin” by R.E.M.
“99 Luftballoons” by Nina
“All That I Wanted” by Belegore

What’s your preferred music format – vinyl, CD, digital, cassette – and why?
I never got an iPod so I am still stuck in the time-capsule of CDs. I’m from the 90’s when CDs reigned supreme! I love vinyl records and I have 100’s of them, but I usually buy new music on CD in addition to download and vinyl.

What is your website and do you have a music video to share?
My website is My new solo album is available there. Soon there will be a video link there for my new solo single “Silverheels.”