Innocent Words Presents IW10 with Lindsey Luff

TEN: Starting in 2013, each Friday, Innocent Words started shining the spotlight directly on up and coming artists/bands with 10 questions we like to call IW10.

Memphis, TN

Members and Instruments:
It’s just me. Sometimes I play with a full band or acoustically. It’s a mix or friends and hired guns (who have turned into friends) at the moment.

Short Bio (in your own words):
I’m just a girl from Tennessee who moved to Brooklyn with a dream. It’s been a long road to get to where I am. I found solace in music at a young age. My childhood was a little chaotic. I can remember feeling more like a grown up most of the time and having a hard time relating to my peers. I started singing in front of people when I was about four and, looking back at it now, I see how each and every time I had the chance to sing or be on stage was a small saving grace for me as a kid. I hated high school. I was bullied endlessly for things completely out of my control. I graduated and went to a small private college and that is where I realized the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life is make music.

In 2009 I married my longtime love and, despite being newly married and newly graduated, I felt completely and utterly lost. We stayed in Tennessee until my husband finished school and we both realized that we needed a change. In 2011, we threw caution to the wind and moved to NYC with no jobs and just $300 in our bank accounts. We were just going to figure it out. I knew I wanted to pursue music but I had no idea what that looked like.

I’ve now been actively writing and preforming for the last four years, but the first two years in the city were hard and lonely. It wasn’t until I found a great community of songwriters and other new artists that I started to find my footing. I’ve worked with some great people who’ve really helped me find and develop my voice as a songwriter, but like most things I’m still learning. As hard as it is some times, I still have a hell of a lot left to learn and I’m fiercely grateful for that.

What was the first live concert you ever went to?
Switchfoot at the New Daisy in Memphis when I was in high school.

What is your funniest or worst tour experience?
I’m still really new to touring, so I don’t have heaps of experience. I’ve done a few little stints here and there but nothing long term yet. As far as funny or worst goes, I’ve been really lucky with the little trips I have taken. My most memorable thus far would have to be recording with Dupont Underground in the abandoned subway tunnels in DC. The acoustics down there are incredible.

What THREE things are a must have when you go on tour or play a show?
Hmm… when I play a show: My throat coat tea, a quick conversation with my mom and five minutes to myself before I go on stage (I’m a little bit of an introvert).

What was the first record you ever purchased?
NSYNC ‘No Strings Attached’

If you had to record an EP of covers, which FIVE songs/artist would make the cut?
Brandi Carlile “Raise Hell” or “Mainstream Kid”
Avett Brothers “I and Love and You”
The Civil Wars – Any song in their catalog
Justin Timberlake “Drink You Away”
Glen Hansard “Say It To Me Now”

What’s your preferred music format – vinyl, CD, digital, cassette – and why?
Vinyl: It just feels good. It makes even the newest record nostalgic in a way. It’s a tangible way to connect to someone else’s work that sometimes gets lost with digital.

What is your website and do you have a music video to share?
I don’t have an official music video at the moment, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve in the next little while so be on the lookout.

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