Innocent Words Presents IW10 with Essence

TEN: Starting in 2013, each Friday, Innocent Words started shining the spotlight directly on up and coming artists/bands with 10 questions we like to call IW10.

San Francisco

Instruments you play:
Guitar, banjo, ukulele. On the horizon: I want to buy a cocktail drum kit to practice drums in my living room!

Short Bio (in your own words):
As a kid, I saw a lot of life early on and decided the one thing that made sense to me was music. My parents were inspired bohemian trail blazing artist hippies who broke all the rules and lived off the grid. We moved a lot. Fourteen different schools before the 5th grade. Music was the one constant. Fast forward and the circumstances and faces change but music is still my way to navigate life’s peaks and valleys. A sort of spiritual path, if you will. Writing and recording my new album ‘Black Wings’ served as a lifeline through some really dark times in my marriage. I felt trapped in a web of deception and addiction, and as a mother of two young children facing issues of abuse and co-dependence, I nearly lost myself. But as I started playing slide guitar, banjo, ukulele, and breaking a long silence, I found relief, joy and hope. Each song on the album is a snapshot of an event that occurred in real time, and they collectively tell the story of the unraveling of my marriage. ‘Black Wings’ gave the heartache a place to live outside myself – and by doing that I slowly began healing. Making this record helped me find the courage to make the changes necessary to leap into the unknown and begin anew. If somehow my story can make a difference for someone else out there going through something similar, well.. that would be pretty great.

What was the first live concert you ever went to?
Prince and The Revolution – Purple Rain! My Dad and I slept on the sidewalk in line to get those tickets. That concert changed my life. From that point on I knew I wanted to sing and write songs. Haven’t looked back since that night. I had the great honor of thanking Prince in person for inspiring my life direction in 2013 after he played a show at The Fillmore in San Francisco.

What is your funniest or worst tour experience?
Well, does it have to be my own tour? Because.. I have a funny story about a Willie Nelson tour…. I was hanging out with Willie and friends on his bus. We were having a grand time listening to music and talking into the night. I guess hours slipped by without me noticing and before I knew it everyone was gone. It was just me and Willie sitting there chatting and I noticed the bus had pulled away from the venue and was rolling on to the next town! With ME on it!!! Events of that nature can’t be planned.

What THREE things are a must have when you go on tour or play a show?
1. iPhone. (Sad, but true. I’m lost without it!)
2. 1934 dobro guitar with a glass slide.
3. Jeans & Boots. Wait that’s 2. Ok, boots.

What was the first record you ever purchased?
The first album was Joan Jett ‘I Love Rock & Roll.’ Then I bought Michael Jackson ‘Thriller.’

If you had to record an EP of covers, which FIVE songs/artists would make the cut?
Jackie Greene “Gone Wandering”
Led Zeppelin “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”
Bob Dylan “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”
Tom Petty “Wildflowers” / “You Wreck Me”
Lucinda Williams “Changed The Locks”

What’s your preferred music format – vinyl, CD, digital, cassette – and why?
Vinyl. Absolutely. I love the crackling sound of the needle on the record. It reminds me of my parents playing ‘Abbey Road’ on vinyl when I was a kid. There’s an electricity in the air when a record is playing. It sounds rich, full, deep, and vibrant.

Please give us a rundown of what we can expect from you this year.
West Coast Tour!
New Video Releases!
New songs!

List your website and socials:

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