Innocent Words Premiere: Chris Price “Man Down”

LOS ANGELES, Calif. —It’s been five years since Chris Price released his debut solo album, but there are a few reasons it’s taken this long for a follow-up — he’s been a bit busy. Even as he produced critically acclaimed comebacks from Linda Perhacs and Emitt Rhodes, opened for the Who with Tal Wilkenfeld’s band, and wrote songs with Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish, Beck), Price continued to write and record his own new music.

The result? ‘Stop Talking’, due out on Omnivore Recordings on May 19, 2017.

Recorded from 2013 to 2016, ‘Stop Talking’ contains 14 tracks produced, engineered, and arranged by Price, and features a wide variety of sounds and styles. One of the first singles from the new album is the rich musicianship on “Man Down,” whic is premiering here today at Innocent Words.

“This was written during the 2014 holiday season while visiting my parents. They have a piano that’s been in our family since I was pretty young, and every time I get back there and sit down at the keys something always comes out,” Chris Price said of “Man Down.” “It’s a song about guilt, and about how we end up imprisoning ourselves for our own crimes when no one else will. It’s not literally about murder, although I can see why someone would think so. It’s “emotional murder” we’re talking about here.

“The title of the song has a pretty ridiculous origin story. My mom was watching a show called “Iyanla, Fix My Life” one afternoon, and I was sitting on the couch watching it with her. It was a Celebrity Edition in which Iyanla was “fixing” the football player Terrell Owens’ life. At one point, she and Owens visit his high school football field and he has an emotional epiphany at the 50 yard line. Iyanla responds to this by cheekily shouting “We’ve got a man down on the field!” And that’s when I went to the piano.”

‘Stop Talking’ is a perfect introduction to understanding why Chris Price is such an in-demand producer and musician. Stellar songwriting and playing all add up to one of the best listening experiences you will have in 2017. Once you hear it, you will not be able to stop talking about ‘Stop Talking.’

Track listing:
1. Stop Talking
2. Hi Lo
3. Pulling Teeth
4. Man Down
5. Father to the Man
6. Once Was True
7. You and Me (and Everyone Else)
8. Algebra in the Sky
9. Sigh
10. Darkness
11. Contrition
12. One of Them
13. Just in Time
14. Anhedonia

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