Innocent Words EXCLUSIVE Single Premiere: So Cow “At Home”

SoCowSo Cow have now been around for over 10 years. ‘Lisa Marie Airplane Tour’ is their fifth album, although there are those who could argue that it is number 6, 7 or 8, depending on how much value can be placed on temporary bandcamp releases or hastily uploaded .zip files. ‘Lisa Marie Airplane Tour’ sees a return to the older days, with Brian Kelly playing all instruments, as well as recording and mixing the album.

The album was recorded in the small coastal town of Spiddal in the west of Ireland, a new home for Kelly. Three pubs, two grocery stores, one church and an unseen dog that never stops barking. Turning inexorably towards middle age, Kelly has seemingly decided to quit city life and spend his days stuck behind 80-year-olds on rural roads, hoping that the plague of flying ants comes to a blessed end.

These are 12 songs about anxiety; written in the midst of it, but before actually being aware it was the issue. OCD thoughts making a bus journey to town increasingly impossible, social anxiety making ordering a pint at the local bar a drawn-out task of Herculean proportions.

Encompassing this new life, those anxiety-induced moments is the single “At Home,” which Innocent Words is proud to premiere exclusivly today.

Here’s what Brian Kelly had to say about the new single:

“At Home” was recorded as all the others were. I got my friend Tony to handle as the complex mic placement stuff and press all the buttons. I do have the technical know how to record playing drums, but I can’t do half as good a job as Tony does, and I end up wrapping my feet in cables and tripping over. Its bad enough wearing headphones and having the cable bouncing off your arm. Honestly, bring on wireless technology, because that headphone cable is nothing but a source of misery. Back to the recording…I play the drums while humming the rest of the song and trying to get all the verse and bridge bits in the right order. I don’t mention chorus, as I don’t think there’s a single chorus on the album. I’m full sure of verses. Bridges, no bother. But chorus are entirely accidental. Anyway, I do the drums and then get up off the stool and walk over to the bass and play that
on top. And so on and so on until there’s too much stuff and it needs hacking.

“At Home” is about everything that can go wrong, specifically in terms of getting out there into the world. What if you go to a country and there’s someone on their Most Wanted list who looks a good deal like you? I mean,
I’m sure they’d work it out fairly quick that it wasn’t you, but there’d be an hour in a cell at least. I guess its about staying in, as well. I guess people still go out, right? It certainly sounds like they do, judging by the noise in Spiddal village at 2am on a Sunday morning (to be fair, it was our choice to move to within 50 metres of a pub’s beer garden).”