Innocent Words Exclusive Single PREMIERE: Jenna Lotti “My Oh My”

jennalotti-badhabitsJenna Lotti is a pop soul singer-songwriter from Boston, MA. Originally writing poetry for self-medication, Lotti began penning open book lyrics at the age of 15. Over the next few years she incessantly wrote tunes, learned to play the guitar and started recording YouTube videos (in her bathroom). Drawing from her childhood musical influences in pop, blues, soul and big band Lotti’s music is a soulful distillation that flirts with both her stirring and sweet sides.

As her shows grew larger, so did her band and collection of original songs. In 2013 she created a successful Kickstarter campaign which led to the creation of her 9-song debut album ‘Tunnel Vision.’ Lotti received the nod for Limelight Magazine’s 2015 ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ and was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year” in 2016 by The New England Music Awards.This recognition was punctuated by invitations to open for national acts such as Hunter Hayes and Buddy Guy.

On the verge of releasing her follow up EP, Bad Habits’ on October 20th, Innocent Words Magazine is proud to premiere Lotti’s feel good new single “My Oh My.”

Here’s what Lotti has to say about the souful new songe:

“My fiance/guitarist, Chris Facey, and I wrote this song in our car in West Virginia. We were squished into the tiny front seats of Chris’ old Honda and we wrote “My Oh My” during a rainstorm which had flooded our tent at a music festival. It was us, a bottle of champagne and lots of rain. “My Oh My” is my favorite song from the album because it really captures a moment in our lives where we were feeling overwhelmed by life, but also just genuinely happy at the same time (we were on tour). “My Oh My” is a fun catchy lighthearted take on the modern dilemma of distraction.”

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