Innocent Words EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Blue Hour “One More Mystery”

Photo credit: Brian Enright

A few weeks ago, The Blue Hour presented their new single “One More Mystery,” giving us a taste of early 4AD-style ethereal folk-noir par excellence with a dance of Siouxsie Sioux thrown in for good measure. The video and original animation was created by Rayhan Khan and produced by Rooster Studio.

This is the first single from their new album ‘Always’. This 11-track offering is replete with swoons whirling the listener into the ether, wisped along with sonic elements cherished by fans of Kate Bush, This Mortal Coil, Marissa Nadler, Dead Can Dance, and Chelsea Wolfe. This new release comes on the trail of their ‘Kyoto Songs’ single, featuring a beautiful rendition of The Cure classic “Kyoto Song.”

Living near Seattle, Brian and Marselle Hodges have been inspired by their life amongst the moss and mud and the ferns and forests of the Pacific Northwest, their raw mix channeling the purely natural and the esoteric via The Blue Hour.

Blending traditional folk melodies with dream pop, ethereal wave and synthpop, the result is ethereal folk-noir that is unique to them, charged with haunting ambience and some classical structures. This potent cocktail creates an otherworldly and hypnotic effect, focusing on texture and rhythm and beautiful discord … and most of all magic.

Innocent Words is proud to be exclusively premiering the Blue Hour’s new video for “One More Mystery” from their upcoming album ‘Always.”

“The Blue Hour are students of music past and present. Their swirling soundscapes lends itself brilliantly to the earhty and haunting vocals of Marselle Hodges. The music dances around you as if in a dream-like state with a minimal lush approach. Imagine Chelsea Wolfe fronting Dead Can Dance and you will only be scratching the surface of what the Blue Hour has to offer.”
~ Troy Michael,

The Blue Hour will be released on October 27, but is already available to order via their own Bandcamp.

1. One More Mystery 04:32
2. Fire on Rooftops 04:14
3. And When I Wake Up 03:26
4. Come Find Me 03:40
5. Block the Sound 03:12
6. A Ghost Walked in Antwerp 01:34
7. On the Wall 03:46
8. False Moon Glow 04:48
9. A Tree Stands Alone 03:16
10. Tower Over Me 03:45
11. Lost Landmarks 03:05