Throwing Muses: Anthology

Throwing Muses (L-R): David Narcizo, Tanya Donelly, Kristin Hersh, Leslie Langston

Throwing Muses (L-R): David Narcizo, Tanya Donelly, Kristin Hersh, Leslie Langston

Throwing Muses
(Throwing Music)
It seems like everything that was old is new again, at least with music from the 90’s. It seems, at least to this writer that the music explosion of the 90’s was just yesterday but now bands are celebrating 20 and 25 year anniversaries.

Though the 90’s were considered the “grunge decade” you’d be remised if you didn’t dig a little deeper to bands which came out of Minneapolis, Chicago and the New England area. One of the best east coast bands was Throwing Muses. Technically the band formed almost a decade before that magical 90’s (1983), but they certainly achieved some of their best success in the 1990’s.

Throwing Muses, along with 4AD Records are reliving the good times and great music with a spectacular double disc (with book) deluxe Anthology,

Throwing Muses was formed by guitarist/vocalist Kristin Hersh and her half-sister guitarist/vocalist Tanya Donelly along with a couple of high school buddies. The band issued their self-titled debut on 4AD (the first American band to be released on that label) in 1986. With their jangly college rock sound and Hersh’s tormented lyrics, the band became an important fixture in alternative indie rock.

Though Donnelly left the band in 1992 to play in the Breeders and form her band Belly, the Muses carried on to achieve critic’s praises in the 1990’s. With an evolved sound to feature shimmering pop and straight-forward rock, the Muses’ released an impressive five albums in the decade including Red Heaven, University and their classic The Real Ramona.

In later years Hersh has went on to record several solo albums, form the punk band 50 Foot Wave and write a couple of books, but no official break up has been announced of the Throwing Muses.

For now, fans will have to pick up Anthology, special 2-disc release housing 43 songs and a 28-page book filled with art work, pictures and notes from Hersh. After 25 years Throwing Muses is still a great band and their songs clearly stand the test of time. Kudos to the Muses.