Idle Hands: Life is Beautiful

Idle Hands
Life is Beautiful
Pretty Kids Collective

On Idle Hands’ EP Life is Beautiful, the Minneapolis band channels their melodic rock into five snappy and quite catchy tracks.

The EP begins with what I hope to be a track dedicated to Randy Quaid, “Socialite Death Squad.” Perhaps Quaid feels that another death squad is coming to get him, perhaps not, close enough for me, regardless. The track is dancey and features Idle Hands’ unique blend of guitar-driven, 90’s influenced rock, bouncy keys and Britpop.

“Dead Letter” is, unsurprisingly, a darker track. Sort of brooding as the evil-sounding keys fad in and out as lead singer Ciaran Daly’s menacing vocals echo throughout. “Uptown is Burning” is the band’s love letter to years past of a gone, but not forgotten, childhood in Minneapolis. This is the song that would not feel out of place blasting on the radio circa 1994. “Just Step” is a slower track which lets its moments of minimalism guides it, only to bring in brighter moments as.

Idle Hands are definitely a group you scratch your head and wonder why you haven’t heard more from these guys. They may wear some of their influences on their sleeve, but that is not a problem. There is always room for guitar-driven, Britpop-influenced rock. While Life is Beautiful may be a quick listen, the tracks will linger with you for days.