Ian Moore: Lumination

Ian Moore
(Yep Roc)

Take a Crayola box with the wackiest named shades of Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Green and Gum on the Street Pink and there you have Luminaria. This album pinches pieces of country, blues, and pop, a swift move away from Ian Moore’s past work. Opening the album with “What I’ve Done”, brings an eerily similar sound to Pink Floyd’s “Mother”. The next track, “Caroline” works through mellow verses, sliding into a poppy chorus, and ending with a spinning waltz. Could there be more colors blended into this mirage… oh, yes. Many of the tracks, including “Alibene” and “Ordinary People” would cause the listener to tip his cowboy hat over his eyes and forget life in a comforting way. However, at times, the melody drags, and Moore’s voice jumping between a drone and elevated emotions, is what the song relies on to push it to the end.

Luminaria brings a few surprises with its last tracks. “Bastards”, at barely two and a half minutes, pounds with rapid acoustic strokes. Moore’s voice is raw and muffled to make an extraordinary ompliment to the foot stomping bass drum that comes in unexpectedly. The following track, “Sir Robert Scott”, contrasts a bit awkwardly opening with only Moore’s soul voice and his acoustic guitar, with a tambourine coming in at the verses. The piano, with its powerfully long held notes, wraps itself up beautifully with the lyrics “My God, my God has left me behind.” Luminaria is an album of exploration, taking strands of different genres, to make for eyebrows raising at Moore, wondering what in the world he’ll come out with next.