Hotel Lights: Girl Graffiti

Hotel Lights
Girl Graffiti
(Bar None)

What’s the last thing a drummer says in a band?
Hey guys, why don’t we try one of my songs?

My God is nothing sacred now? Making fun of drummers was the last, predictable standard of rock music, but thanks to Dave Grohl, we now know that the beat keepers of the world actually make stellar front men. And Darren Jessee, best known as the drummer for Ben Folds Five, under the moniker Hotel Lights, proves that point yet again.

On Girl Graffiti, the band’s fourth effort, Jessee and his band continues to deliver another fantastic record of mellow, indie pop in the vein of musicians like Michael Penn and Freedy Johnston. Though Hotel Lights has a pretty consistent track record when it comes to putting out quality, timeless music, the latest release is possibly their strongest to date. The achingly beautiful “Super 8MM,” complete with strings, is an amazing example of earnestness without the sappy aftertaste.

Underrated and undeterred since their 2006 debut, Hotel Lights keeps plugging away.

Now what do you call a beautiful woman on a bassist’s arm?
A tattoo.