Holy Motors: Sleepryder b/w Descending 7″ (Wharf Cat)

Holy MotorsHolyMotors-Sleeprydr
Sleepryder b/w Descending 7″

(Wharf Cat)

Holy Motors follows up their ‘Heavenly Creatures’ 7-inch with another 7-inch – “Sleepryder” backed with “Descending.” The songs are billed as love stories inspired by Chris Isaak songs and Spanish blues, and I must say, that’s dead on. The A-side is a moody slow burner with baritone guitar lines and a slow back beat. The guitar solo is soaked in reverb, giving it a psychedelic, haunting vibe, while the lead vocals carry on stories of the macabre.

Flip the vinyl over and you are treated with enticing darkness with “Descending.” This track is more upbeat, but not by much. The lead vocals, which are akin to Hope Sandoval and Margo Timmins, are airy and somewhat hard to follow, but well worth the listen. The rolling drum beats are beautiful, while the echoed clean guitar picking follows.

Holy Motors are as mysterious as their music with little to no mention of who they are or where they are from in the press release or on their social sites. I guess this adds to the allure of their sultry music.