Hit the Lights: Invicta

Hit the Lights
(Razor and Tie)

It’s nice to see that Hit the Lights didn’t waste the four years of downtime between albums. They clearly spent the time regrouping and gaining a deadly focus, because Invicta is just that – the bands most focused and inspired release to date.

Sure, all of the bands hallmarks are present – shout-a-long moments of gang vocal euphoria, crunchy guitars and arena ready hooks, but Invicta sees the band trending closer to pop-rock.

The album ebbs and flows through electronica-splashed alternative (“So Guilty”), yet monumental balladeering (“Oh My God”) and explorative pop (“Faster Now”), though the record isn’t without its familial sounds.

Everything seems bigger across the board, which probably saved their lives since the band were teetering on the brink of pop-punk anonymity for a while. There’s a good chance that in a few years we’ll look back and be able to pinpoint exactly when Hit the Lights broke through into the mainstream – that time seemingly is now, and that breakthrough could very well be Invicta.