Hazard County Girls: Divine Armor

Hazard County Girls
Divine Armor
(Rev’d Up)

The name may conjure up images of Bo and Luke Duke, but these girls serve up their music like a hazardous chemical spill. Singer/guitarist Christy Kane pens dark and gloomy lyrics then delivers them just the same. She has something to say and she says it well. You won’t find your typical “grrrl rock” or estrogen-filled singer songwriter female strife here. Kane leads this band with 11 rousing passionately driven hard rock gems that Mark Langen and the Screaming Trees would be proud of. The Hazard County Girls are a trio to take seriously with dirty dissonant rockers like the lead in track “Red Light,” the moody “Wise Blood” and the gothic closer “Ceremony.” Divine Armor has something to say and you better pay attention because the Hazard County Girls are here to stay.