Hawthorne Heights: If Only You Were Lonely

Hawthorne Heights
If Only You Were Lonely

With their second release through Victory, Hawthorne Heights have solidified their spot among the best of the best. With If Only You Were Lonely, they are now standing atop the mountain when it comes to screamo/post hardcore music.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as it were, with their second record. They didn’t necessarily change too much on their approach, but they have noticeably matured musically. “This is Who We Are” and “Dead In The Water” personify their music on this record. The track “Breathing in Sequence” is technical and musically precise with innovative and powerful guitars, razor sharp and clean cut drumming, and frantic off the wall, up and down vocals.

The lyrics on this album are inherently personal and can easily be applied to everyday life. Hawthorne Heights have created a musical manual we can all use to get through the hurt of shattered relationships. These songs are blueprints for revenge and bloodshed. If Only You Were Lonely is the key to a broken heart.