Haircut One Hundred: Paint and Paint [Deluxe Edition] (Cherry Red)

Haircut One Hundred
Paint and Paint [Deluxe Edition]
(Cherry Red)

Criminey, the folks at Cherry Red Records just find better and better albums to rerelease. Haircut One Hundred is one of those grossly underrated bands which should have ruled the airwaves – 80s and beyond.

Sure, their single “Love Plus One” is a staple on many new wave compilations, but few realized that the tracks on their second studio album, 1984’s ‘Paint and Paint’ were as engrossing as they were engaging. Sad, really, for it is a fun listen that reminds one of the colors, excitement and independence that English pop brought the world in the early/mid 1980s.

‘Paint and Paint’ came out two years after their debut (‘Pelican West’) and was a bit of a proving ground for the band. Lead singer and guitarist Nick Heyward had departed for a solo career and they changed labels. Many were wondering if the band would be able to carry on with the momentum created by the original line up. They tried and despite a valiant effort, ‘Paint and Paint’ wouldn’t even chart and Haircut One Hundred broke up shortly after its release.

The deluxe edition features all 11 original album tracks, four bonus tracks, extended versions, “development” mixes taken from the band’s archives and BBC live tracks. The 2-CD set is a wonderful package which showcases a band that was ripe for the picking, but went rotten on the vine.

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