Greeley Estates: Far From the Lies

Greeley Estates
Far From the Lies
(Record Collection Music)

For the first time ever, I don’t know what to say about an album. I cannot say that Far From the Lies is a bad record, but I also cannot say that it is a good record either. I mean, it has good points, but it’s not a particularly good record.

“Life Is a Garden,” “Remember” and “Through Waiting” are stand-out tracks because they showcase the sound that made Greeley Estates a popular indie hit: a good combination of hardcore and emo vocals creating clean and solid sounding hooks, as well as crunchy guitars and crisp sounding drum work. The brooding and foreboding acoustic cut “Secret” has a sound very reminiscent of The Starting Line, Yellowcard and Brand New.

Greeley Estates kind of drown out middle-of-the-road on this record due to semi-incoherent, blasé tracks like “The End of All We Know,” and “See Your Scars.”

Not taking away from the fact that Greeley Estates have crafted a pretty catchy record with “Far From the Lies,” they do not do much past that to impress, therefore just falling to the wayside and ultimately getting lumped in with the other million bands that sound just like them. Don’t get me wrong, this album has lots of good hooks and catchy songs.

All metaphors and adjectives aside, this is an OK album. At least scenesters will like it.