Great Big Sea: Safe Upon the Shore

Great Big Sea
Safe Upon the Shore

The biggest band to come out of Newfoundland, (yup, I think there may have been more than one) is back with their tenth record, Safe Upon the Shore.

The record is pretty standard fare for the band, plenty of mandolins, sea chanteys with a little bit of rock and pop mixed in to satisfy those not usually into sea chanteys – kind of like what The Pogues might have sounded like if they grew up in a Canadian fishing village and drank a little less.

Coming in at 14 tracks, there is plenty for fans to love, but for newbies, the length is a bit overwhelming. The record starts off strong with “Long Life (Where Did You Go),” but starts to drag toward the end.  Around for close to 20 years, the band is sounding tighter than they ever have before, but the lyrics are now focusing more on wistful reminiscing.

Safe Upon the Shore is not a bad effort from a band comfortably slipping into cult-like status.