Giuda: Speaks Evil (Burning Heart)

Speaks Evil
(Burning Heart)

Blending the retro flavor of 1970’s glam with a no bullshit punk rock attitude, Giuda’s sound is reminiscent, but original and filled with raw stompers.

Recorded with analog equipment and strictly-70’s-era instruments, ‘Speaks Evil’ was produced by Danilo Silvestri, along with guitarist Lorenzo Moretti. The album continues on the musical journey the band set with previous releases ‘Racey Roller’ and ‘Let’s Do It Again.’ Listeners will be sucker punched by the first track “Roll The Balls” and they will keep coming back for more finding a healthy balance between heavy hitters, like “Mama Got The Blues,” “Working Class Man” and the deviously poppy “Bad Days are Back.”

Giuda are keeping alive what was starting in the 70’s by bands like Slade and Sweet, but still fresh and authentic. Glam rock might be a curious niche for a bunch of 21st century Italian punks to be sporting, but Giuda is doing it, and doing it with charm. The quintet’s third album ‘Speaks Evil’ does not disappoint.