Girl In A Coma: Trio B.C.

Girl In A Coma
Trio B.C.

Not surprisingly, given the band’s name, Texas’s Girl In A Coma’s record recalls some earlier new music sounds of the late ‘80s (think Smiths, Concrete Blonde, Neo-Rockabilly, Pretenders, upbeat Goth), then mixed in with some of the more recent power pop punk sounds. The band plays solidly and with real energy. Nina Diaz is a terrific if highly stylized (which is the point, right?) singer and in fact, Phanie D. and Jenn Alva on drums and bass respectively kick pretty damn hard. Coincidentally, your reviewer happens to see GIAC at a street fest on a bridge in Austin several weeks ago. And we can attest that this is a band that plays hard with tremendous power. They have been gigging for a while and it shows. We had a blast and it was 103 in the shade.

The band has been blessed with two guardian angels so far in the persons of a certain Steven Morrissey and Joan Jett. Morrissey has taken them out on tour and Ms. Jett has signed them to her Blackheart Label. When a band takes its name from a Smith’s tune, you can be certain that there will be a certain discipline about the quality of the lyrics. However, while not trite, they need to flesh out the detail and in some way, help convey something that really is unique and particular to their world view. The melodies, while good, are not yet compelling. A pretty good place to start, and when the band sharpens up their writing to the level of their live sound, they will be a force to reckon with.