Gazpacho: Missa Atropos

Missa Atropos

Having never been a huge fan of prog rock, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t immediately hate Gazpacho. Building on an impressive Radiohead impersonation, the group (whose name is reminiscent of a traditional Mexican soup), Missa Atropos does seem to capture the trademark ethereal feel of Radiohead circa Ok, Computer, but that’s about as far as the similarities go.

Gazpacho seems to strive to strike the deep, thought provoking tendencies of their peers, but continually fall short. Really, by the time I heard the lyrics “Can you tell me/Does a robot feel at all?” I was giggling to myself instead of empathizing with the artist’s question.

This is precisely why Gazpacho can never really live up to their Radiohead comparisons – because Thom Yorke can lure a person in and make him wonder about being a pig stuck in a cage on antibiotics, while Gazpacho lacks the ability to hold my interest at all.