Gasoline Heart: You Know Who You Are

Gasoline Heart
You Know Who You Are
(Mono Vs. Stereo)

In a decade of music defined by prefixes (power-pop, pop-punk) and suffixes (emo-core, metal-core, etc.), you can’t help but get a little thrown off by a band that is best classified simply as “rock.”

Gasoline Heart, the Central Florida-based collective, manage to sound like vets on their debut. In less than a year, the band has managed to forge the cohesive sound of a group that’s been together for a decade. On songs like the retrospective “Cheers (Here’s to Life)” or the mellow “All the Way,” the group shows hints of an almost Counting Crows vibe, but more often than not they echo more classic rock sounds like a 1980s Tom Petty and even snatches of a more polished Replacements.

The lyrics are conversational, though a bit contrived at times (“If you’re the circus then are we the rain”?), but not so often that they become a distraction. Taken in its entirety, You Know Who We Are is ultimately a throwback to a time when bands set out to record albums and not simply singles. A refreshing change of pace.