Fauxbois: Carry On

Carry On
(Sparkle and Shine)

Carry On starts out innocently enough with the first two tracks being fairly solid alt-folksy with a Built to Spill/Mouldy Peaches type vibe. Even the title song is a not-unpleasant – a Bowie meets Neil Young rambling ditty – which does go on a bit at over five minutes. And then the album sort of falls apart into bits of distortion with some “cute” slightly off- key singing and vague harmonizing and out-of-place synthesizers. The songs seem to lose direction and it’s hard to pinpoint whe sound Fauxbois is trying to achieve. At times there is just too much, too different, especially on “Let it Fall Down.”

This band from Boise (their name means “fake wood”) could do well with better production that could rein them in and create a more cohesive sound.Carry On is not a horrible album and it is a bit more than eclectic, but once past the first few songs it loses structure and there’s too much going on, which makes it a difficult listen at times.