Famsmary: Well, I Wasn’t Just Going to Leave it There (Self-Released)

Well, I Wasn’t Just Going to Leave it There

It’s rare these days that I’m completely blown away by a “new to me” band. But, every now and again it happens, as is the case with Famsmary. Referred to me by a trusted buddy, I checked out the Portland, OR quartet and, boy howdy, am I glad I have such great friends.

To be honest, I don’t know much about the band and I don’t need to. The music speaks for itself. The opening track (“Primates”) kicks in with all the excitement and energy of Johnny Marr’s first solo album and continues to kick ass bringing forth memories of the Strokes and Franz Ferdinand. Engaging arrangements and enticing lyrics comprise their current (and amazing) 7-song effort. In what might be the most exciting music of my 2017. I’m dumbfounded that the band exists primarily on bandcamp (https://famsmary.bandcamp.com/). They are not “backed” and are selling this and previous efforts (a full length from 2016 and couple of additional tracks) on a pay as you go basis.

Famsmary is a band needing to be heard and supported. Visit their page, buy their album and hopefully some label will eventually find them and bring them to a wider audience.