Evil Ed: Starring – Johan Rudebeck, Olof Rhodin, Gert Fylking, Cecilia Ljung (Arrow/MVD)

Evil Ed 
Starring – Johan Rudebeck, Olof Rhodin, Gert Fylking, Cecilia Ljung

Originally released in 1995, “Evil Ed” is a Swedish horror film written and directed by Anders Jacobsson. This triple disc limited edition set overdubbed in English features the original movie in Blu-Ray and regular DVD format with an additional bonus material disc. The bonus material includes “Keep ’Em Heads Rollin’” – making-of documentary; “Reconstructing Edward” – featurette on the creation of the Special Edition cut; bloopers; deleted scenes; and trailers.

After the original film editor at European Productions goes insane and takes his own life, smarmy producer Sam Campbell (Olof Rhodin) promotes nerdy Edward Tor Swenson (Johan Rudebeck) to be the new editor for the “splatter and gore department” where he edits the “Loose Limbs” series. Sam sends Ed to a secluded house to work on his masterpieces and the long work days, along with editing gore, violence and sex, takes its toll on Ed. He starts to slowly lose his mind, starts seeing things and turns violent. Eventually Ed alienates his wife and own daughter in favor of killing off anyone who visits him at the editing house. Eventually Ed is caught and sent off to the mental hospital and you think the film is over, but it’s not, far from it. At the insane asylum Ed escapes from his room and causes havoc around the hospital.

As an ode to the gore films of the 1980s, “Evil Ed” is somewhat gross and somewhat comedic with a hint of mystery.

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