Every Time I Die: New Junk Aesthetic

Every Time I Die
New Junk Aesthetic

When Every Time I Die’s last album The Big Dirty came out, I recall there being some detractors who felt that the band was maybe going soft, maybe turning a poppy direction, if there even is such a thing in hardcore punk. Well on ETID’s Epitaph debut, the band will certainly shut any doubters up. In interviews the band has said that they felt the need to give Epitaph something great to start off their relationship and they have done just that with New Junk Aesthetic.

New Junk Aesthetic bounces between the hammer-on, pull-off riffs that were found throughout The Big Dirty and darker overtones. The album opens with “Roman Holiday” that sounds like it could have come off of the new Gallows album. When considering the taste the band left in my mouth from their last album, this song is a complete 180 but ETID wastes no time getting back into their energetic hardcore on “The Marvelous Slut.” “Wanderlust” opens with a twin guitar riff that would almost be more appropriate coming from a Valient Thorr but ETID manages to thicken the song up to make it unmistakably their own. “After One Quarter Of A Revolution” is sure to be a pit starter on ETID’s current tour as the song barely gives you about fifteen seconds to catch your breath during the short break down but that’s about it. “The Sweet Life” is also sure to be a crowd favorite as it features the fist pumping chorus of “ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, ain’t nothing gonna slow me down, oh no.”

So for those who were worried about the direction ETID were headed in, you need look no further than New Junk Aesthetic and for those who wanted to see more of the band’s supposed softer side, I’m sure there’s a new Nickleback record out there for you.