Ever We Fall: We Are But Human

Ever We Fall
We Are But Human

Certain seasons demand a certain musical sound, and summer, with its lush greens, vibrant yellows, and warm promise of good things to come, is certainly no exception. Summer is a time when, as children, we were let loose on the neighborhoods and the world, and given the first real chances to test our own limits and boundaries. More often than not, we grow into adults forgetting what those carefree days really felt like. Fortunately, We Are But Human, the first full-length album from the guys of Ever We Fall, helps us to remember.

From the opening track “Youth Like Tigers” to the closing track “Welcome to Fhloston Paradise,” Ever We Fall manages to create an album that is not only the perfect accompaniment to a lazy summer day, but one that also accurately encapsulates the feelings that only summer can stir up inside of us: excitement, anticipation, and the knowledge that something bigger and better is still out there, just waiting to be discovered.

With quirky lyrics like “We smoke the smokes just for the cancer/And stay up late just to dance erratically,” and an addictive chorus that reads “windows down/we breathe the fumes of summer air,” “State Bird the Mosquito” will more than likely be the song off this album that really sticks inside your head, and if any one song ever deserved to be called an “anthem of summer,” this would be it.

While this is, without a doubt, much more lighthearted material than is found on many of the CDs of other Hopeless Records artists, it is upbeat without being cloyingly “poppy,” and it serves double duty as both an album that is fun to dance around spastically to (or erratically, as the guys would have it), as well as one that can be enjoyed on those rare, but inevitable, unseasonably chilly and gloomy summer nights.