Eva and the Heartmakers: Let’s Keep This Up Forever

Eva and the Heartmakers
Let’s Keep This Up Forever

Eva and the Heartmakers’ Let’s Keep This Up Forever may be the cutest, poppiest album I’ve heard in quite some time. The group is made up of a pair of married Norwegians (Eva Weel Skram and Thomas Stenersen). Yes, they are married.

So maybe you won’t be the uber cute Skram’s man of everything, you should still be able to enjoy these Cardigans-inspired jams. We’re talking “Love Fool” era Cardigans, not “Gran Turismo,” (not that there is anything wrong with “Gran Turismo”).

First track “Let’s Hit the Road Jack” establishes the tempo of Let’s Keep This Up Forever. The lyrics are sweet as Skram lists places she wants to visit (with Stenersen no doubt) and the accompanying lyrics are just as fun and enjoyable.

Album stand-out “Superhero” is just a perfect little pop ditty as Skram declares “I am yours til the end of time” and “You are my superhero, baby, It’ll be you and me forever and ever.”

I could continue listing more feel-good songs (“Charming Sexy,” “Please!,” and “Mississippi”), but I think you get the point. These Norwegians know how to make catchy pop songs.  Unfortunately, we know exactly who Skram is talking about (the guy on the cover with her), but that should not hinder your enjoyment of Let’s Keep This Up Forever. So if you currently have a pulse, I dare you to avoid the irresistible pop songs of Eva and the Heartmakers.