Eureka California: Wigwam 7″ (HHBTM Records)

EChhbtm184Eureka California
Wigwam 7″
(HHBTM Records)

Last year Athens, Georgia-based band Eureka California released another significant album in their catalog with the full length ‘Versus,’ and less than a year after that release, Jake Ward and Marie A. Uhler are back in the studio and releasing new material.

The three-song 7” came together in a matter of minutes, literally, when the band went into Chase Park Transduction Studios in their hometown and laid down three live raw tracks with Dave Barbe (Sugar, Mercyland). “Wigwam” is a two-and-half minute burst of indie rock which was recorded and mixed in one afternoon. Like the B-side, “Only Birds (No Feathers),” “Wigwam” is filled with fuzzed out guitars, gritty vocals, and manic drumming with crashing cymbals.

In addition to the pair of new songs, Eureka California takes a stab at covering the Superchunk song “Slack Motherfucker,” putting their DIY stamp on it. The band also goes DIY by hand-decorated all the 7” sleeves.

It is also worth mentioning, that Eureka California’s label, HHBTM is selling this release for only three bucks to keep prices down on the increasing demand for vinyl.