Escape-Ism / Light Beams: Split [7-inch] (Lovitt)

Escape-Ism / Light Beams
Split [7-inch]

In their press release Escape-ism is defined as “the found-sound-dream-drama,” “the grieving widow of rock & roll,” the “press play and run away group.” Now, call me an old jaded music writer who is out of touch with music, but I have no fucking idea what that means. Furthermore, Escape-ism’s two tracks on this 7-inch split are just a pathetic attempt at trying to be different. With what sounds like a cheap 1980’s Casio keyboard playing the beats, the singer adds echoed nonsense vocals with a guitar playing the same note over and over on the opening track “(Return to the) Iron Curtain.” The second track, “Ready or Not” follows suit. It’s clear these tracks are recorded in someone’s bedroom on cheap equipment and like they say, you get what you pay for.

On the flipside is another Washington, D.C. product. Light Beams. Featuring Justin Moyer (Puff Pieces) the two tracks—“Desiring Creature” and “Blood Moon”—have a real street vibe with groove. Plus, the drumming is just outstanding. Imagine Sheila drumming for the Beastie Boys and you got a good idea of what Light Beams are about. The recordings are tight, professional, and thick with many layers to get your groove on.