Erin Muir: Poet’s Lovely Daughter

Erin Muir
Poet’s Lovely Daughter

At just one listen to Erin Muir’s debut album Poet’s Lovely Daughter, you can’t help but to be drawn in to her enticing intimate vocals surrounded by atmospheric strings and tremolo guitar. Her voice takes you around the globe like a time traveler roaming the French Quarter or the cobblestone streets of Paris or the night life of Spain in a small club listening to flamenco music.

Erin Muir is clearly a singer/songwriter of her own merit. She has that old-world charm in her haunting intimate vocals in which you would find in a season veteran of the recording industry. And to think Poet’s Lovely Daughter is the singer’s debut makes it all the more special.

Another stand out is Muir’s orchestrated diversity behind her vocals. She has the ability to touch on the smoldering blues in “Heart Given,” and the Spanish musicianship on “Shadows and Silt” are certainly exotic when she envelopes the salsa rhythm. On the album’s title track, Muir sings the story of a witch being burned at the stake and does it with Eastern European flair.

Sure some of these songs touch on the dark side, but they are sung with honesty and a passion that you can’t help but follow intently. To compare her to another would be an injustice. Over a quick listen some might say she reminds them of Bjork, but that would be a slap in the face to Muir. She does have a bit of Annie Lennox in her with distinct style, but Poet’s Lovely Daughter is truly Erin Muir. An exceptional debut that is rich and lean, understated and arresting.