Eoin Harrington: Confess

Eoin Harrington

What do Hollywood, lovers and Eoin Harrington have in common? They all use music to set a mood. On his album Confess, Harrington manages to set a comfortable ambiance that draws us in with its soft-spoken sound and keeps our attention with an all-encompassing personality.

Every track on this album tells its own story, living at some personal level to Harrington. But they also breathe with the lives of the listeners, putting its arms around our shoulders as brothers-in-music rather than an instructor of experience. His voice is silky and imbued with the message of each piece he is sharing. There is a confidence in his vocals that lends weight to his words and makes everything he sings of that much more believable. Harrington has the definitive makings and vocals of a storyteller and wears the mantle well.

The tone of the music flows in the same river as the Dave Matthews Band and Maroon 5. It is nothing too heavy or outlandish, just music for the sake of music. There aren’t any life lessons to be learned here, just truths to be shared. This is an album of subtle observations, with no right or wrong leanings. He does not lash out at the female gender or lay blame for any past wrongs. Confess is a very user-friendly, positive group of songs. Every note of these eleven pieces rings true and leads the listener to a better place, no matter the subject material.

Eoin Harrington’s smooth voice and melodic tone set a Lionel Richie-like Sunday mood. If you are having a case of the Monday’s and want to just stretch your legs and smile, this is the album of choice. The soul within these songs turns down the lights, puts our feet up and gets us the cold drink we need after a long, hard day.