End of America: Steep Bay

End of America
Steep Bay
Forest Park Recordings

If Henry David Thoreau was looking for an album to reflect the ideals he believed in, Steep Bay would probably be at the top of his list. This CD keeps itself simple: a band with good voices, a handful of insturments, and the creative force that builds in a secluded, bayside cabin. This lack of extravagance hits every mark every time.

From beginning to end, there is talent on this disc. The band has nothing to rely on but the notes in their heads, the acoustic insturments in their hands, and each other; there are no electronic safety nets or head-phoned coaches in the next room. The tracts reflect not necessarily as a survival against the elements, but a growth within them. There is an embrace of circumstances and situations that bleed through their music. The self-imposed isolation has brought them to the cores of theirindividuality. The hopes, dreams, aspirations and disappointments of the past, present, and future are all found within the words of these songs.

Interestingly, the songs are all fairly short. This forces the band to focus on their talents, pure and simple. The success they breed comes from the few allowances they give themselves, as thaey have nothing else to rely upon. This album acoustically delivers the the basic trials of the human spirit in the most rudimentary ways. The one of the album is a microcosm of the American paradigm: success through bare truth and simplicity. They struggle through a broken relationship accompanied only by a gentle maraca. They suffer life’s confusion, disillusions, and hopes with a single guitar quietly plucking away behind their voices. The lyrics, the one, and the music totally lack complication, which makes them all the more authentic; the spirit of this album is bare truth.

To learn about life, End of America stepped away from theirs. If the appreciation of the world around us comes from reflection, then End of America gives us the perfect mirror to stand back and look within.