Emperor X: Western Teleport

Emperor X
Western Teleport

And you thought Jacksonville, FL was only good for churning our classic rock staples and nu metal mooks? Emperor X (aka Chad Matheny) is a native of  Jacksonville and you’d be hard pressed to find the influences of native sons like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Limp Bizkit or Molly Hatchet in any of his songs.

On Western Teleport, his third full length, Emperor X continues the satisfyingly minimalist, indie rock vibe that made his first two efforts so enjoyable. Songs like the opener “Erica Western Teleport” and “Canada Day” carry hints of everyone from Death Cab For Cutie (you’d be forgiven for thinking Ben Gibbard fronted Emperor X) to classic Sebadoh.  He also continues with the transportation theme introduced on the earlier records. The album may take a couple of listens for the songs to really penetrate, but once they finally click, they are there for good.