Elvis Presley: A Boy From Tupelo: The Sun Masters [12” Vinyl] (Legacy)

Elvis Presley
A Boy From Tupelo: The Sun Masters [12” Vinyl]

For years now, Legacy Recordings have been raiding the RCA vaults to re-release a slew of Elvis Presley albums. This latest collection, out now on vinyl, is one of their most important Presley releases to date.

On one vinyl LP, the label has put out some of the Memphis singer’s earliest efforts, all produced and engineered by the pioneer Sam Phillips at his legendary Sun Studios. This collection boasts 17 songs, many that would be forever linked to the singer. Originals like “That’s All Right” and covers like “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “Milk Cow Blues.” these are the very first songs Presley, arguably the most influential American figure in rock, ever recorded. They are like finding the rock & roll Ark of the Covenant;

The music, most laid down in 1954 and 1955, includes his full A and B side singles for Sun Records, with Scotty Moore on guitar and Bill Black on bass. These songs have been around for decades, scattered across different releases, but this re-release puts them all in one place and boasts a clean sound. Legacy is also putting out a 3-CD set of the complete Sun recordings going back to 1953 for the diehards, but this vinyl record is simply sublime on its own.