Easter Island: Frightened

Easter Island

In the wake of the recent uprising of dream-pop and post-rock influenced music, Athens, Ga group Easter Island is a refreshing subtle twist.  Hailing from the city known for notable bands that have emerged with creative and original sounds, the release of their debut LP Frightened is not reinventing the genre wheel.  Rather than compare Frightened to more recent genre counterparts immediately, consider the fact that Frightenedunveils a more organic sound with way less synth, white noise distortions and vocal effects.

Rather, this LP features more melodic instrumental breaks with clean guitars and driving medium beat tempos that find their way to the same vibrant effect without beating you over the head.  Verses and choruses alike share lovely ringing guitars layered with reverb so they raise you up and let you fall, all in a dreamlike disposition.  Refrain from comparing them to Beach House, think more Explosions in the Sky with the vocals you hoped they would one day have.  Frightened is a very strong record, and considering it’s the band’s first LP release, I expect they have bright career ahead of them.

I love the tracks “Gray Tree,” “Ginger,” “Sneaking,” and the self-titled track “Frightened.”  Really though, the album as a whole is what is special here.  Call it dream-pop, shoe gaze, post-rock, whatever… Frightened is a good album that deserves notoriety.