Eagles of Death Metal: I Love You All The Time: Live at The Olympia in Paris (Eagle Rock)

Eagles of Death Metal
I Love You All The Time: Live at The Olympia in Paris
(Eagle Rock)

On November 13, 2015, as the Eagles of Death Metal were well into a sold-out show at the Bataclan, a 1,500-seat venue in Paris, a gunman started shooting and ultimately 89 in attendance that night were killed. Just three months later, the California band returned to Paris to finish the show, this time at the Olympia.

In an emotional, yet brilliant concert, the band chronicles that February 16 set on “I Love You All The Time.” Just moments into the opener, “I Only Want You,” front man Jesse Hughes steps up to the mic and says, “Let’s take a moment to remember and then we’ll get back to the fun.” Immediately, the crowd of 2,000 is silent, highlighting both the reverence of the situation, followed just minutes later by the joy that is obvious in both the band and audience as all come together to soak up the loud, rowdy rock music.

Band co-founder and EODM drummer Joshua Homme is also in attendance (an addition for the night as he doesn’t always tour with the band) and is joined throughout the set by Julian Dorio, who was playing drums that night at the Bataclan gig. Aside from the moment of silence, little was spoken from the Olympia stage about the tragedy, still fresh in everyone’s mind, rather the band simply focused on turning in a remarkably ferrous set, complete with a spirited cover of Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer” (the song became a rallying anthem shortly after the incident with fans and even Duran Duran trying to get the EODM’s cover of the song on the UK Singles Chart to raise money for charity).

At one point, with the guitar chords still ringing from the amps, Homme gets close to the mic and says, “I love you motherfuckers so much. You have no idea.” And at that moment, I have no doubt that he truly does.