Droge and Summers Blend: Volume One

Droge and Summers Blend
Volume One
(Puzzle Tree)

While some band names sound like the name of a person, the Droge and Summers Blend is a band-sounding name that actually refers to two people: Pete Droge and Elaine Summers. The husband and wife, who have been playing together for several years, are in the midst of releasing several EPs that feature a combination of their singing and songwriting talents. As you might guess, Volume One is the first of these EPs, which consists of five songs where Droge and Summers share lead vocals to create a very natural, rootsy sound.

In the past, Droge has been compared to the likes of Tom Petty with his relaxed, genuine style, and the comparison continues to fit on his duets with Summers. The five songs are mainly mellow, wistful tunes about love, including a song about Droge and Summers’ marriage in 2008 (“Tie the Knot”).

The music here follows in the same vein as Droge and Summers’ other musical projects. Some of their previous songs have been included on TV shows and movies including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Almost Famous,” “Beautiful Girls,” and “Dumb and Dumber”. Droge’s latest project is “a three-part adult alternative super group,” alongside musicians Matthew Sweet and Shawn Mullins. With Volume One, the Droge and Summers Blend continue to produce warm, laidback tunes that should satisfy their fans.