Dollyrots: A Little Messed Up

A Little Messed Up

What started out as two friends jamming together at New College of Florida has turned into a full-time punk rock band called the Dollyrots. Forming in 2000, childhood friends Kelly Ogden (bass/vocals) and Luis Cabeza (guitar) left Florida for Los Angeles to further the Dollyrots career. Picking up drummer Amy Wood, the band signed to Lookout!/Panic Button Records to release their debut Eat My Heart Out. Upon playing the 2006 Vans Warped Tour, the band caught the eye of legendary rocker Joan Jett, who signed the Dollyrots to her Blackheart Records. As Wood was repleaced by Chris Black, The Dollyrots released their Blackheart debut Because I’m Awesome in 2007 and have followed that up with their latest A Little Messed Up.

The further the Dollyrots progress in their musical career, the more their sound strays from the punk rock roots they cut their teeth on. More pop punk than straight forward punk, A Little Messed Up finds the band more commercial than ever before. Ogden still retains her brash vocal delivery on a few songs, but you are more likely to hear her sing in sugary sweet tone about break ups and cute boys. The guitars are still punk-ish with its distortion but the drums seem buried in the mix. Overall the production is very polished with layers and effects.

There is no questiuon A Little Messed Up will appeal to a wide audience – mostly the kids roaming high school hallways – but if you are looking for that edgier Dollyrots from the Lookout days or even their last album, you are going to be disappointed. A good album for what it is, A Little Messed Up sounds more like the commercial times of No Doubt or the present day Green Day…and we all know what happened to those bands.