Dntel: After Parties 1, After Parties 2

After Parties 1, After Parties 2
Sub Pop

Jimmy Tamborello’s (aka Dntel) After Parties 1 and After Parties 2 sounds slightly unfinished. The tracks are basic and minimalist, hardly the stuff of one once considered to a pioneer in the electronica genre. One half of the wildly successful one-album The Postal Service (with Ben Gibbard), After Parties is nothing remotely similar to anything from their release Give Up.

The majority of the After Parties EPs are fairly lackluster, almost lame, tepid attempts to get the masses jumping on the dance floor. With the exception of the final two tracks “Aimless” and “Leed,” which are kicked up a notch or two and are quite entertaining. Overall, the synths are bland and the beats are blah. There’s just not enough experimentation here. Is it possible Dntel has lost his spark?  One can hope this is only a temporary dulling of the genius that made him so successful and revered. In the meantime, just put the last two tracks of After Parties 2 on repeat and dance the night away.