Dispatch: Circles Around the Sun

Circles Around the Sun

The early stages of “Circles Around the Sun,” the albums opening salvo, the bands passion becomes quickly renewed, led by booming guitars that explode like fireworks. With “Circles Around the Sun” listeners are quickly treated to one of the finest offerings Dispatch has ever put to wax. This opening intensity subsides a bit as the album transitions into the twang of “No Messin’,” though the band manages to keep the energy up throughout the next two tracks (“Get Ready Boy,” “Sign of the Times”).

It’s on the repetitive “Josephine” when Circles Around the Sun trulystarts to lose steam. Unfortunately for Dispatch, the album never quite recaptures the magic that fueled the first portion of the album.  However, there are some worthwhile moments amongst the meandering tracks. “Come to Me” is one of those worthy moments, “Feels So Good,” truly steals the show, thanks to a wonderful chorus.

Circles Around the Sun, when compared to Dispatch’s previous body of work, is certainly lacking, though suffices just fine when looked at as a simple reunion disc. At just under 40 minutes, it’s not all that ambitious of an undertaking, one that you can either take or leave, depending on what type of fan you are.