Disappears: Guider


For their second LP, Chicago’s Disappears find a way to pack a punch in a short amount of time. Guider is only six tracks in length, but the real kicker is that album closer, “Revisiting,” clocks in at 16 minutes, which is a moody 16 minutes to go out on. Disappears tend to channel dark, hypnotic psychadelia on Guider and make it sound fresh on each individual track, even “Revisiting”.

Disappears follow a formula throughout those first five tracks. A guitar and bass line is established, it repeats and every now and then the rock is brought. Vocals, guitars and drums echo in an out, and all is good with the world of rock. There is a reason why Guider is referred to as being minimalist. Album highlight, “Halo” features a wall of (repeating) sounds as lead singer Brian Case declares “I want to protect you.” Other notable tracks include the quick and to the point “Superstition” and the pounding “Guider.”

Simplicity has its virtues. Guider is an album that you can throw on and good lost in. A 16-minute track which repeats throughout could become tiresome, you may also believe for a second that your CD player is skipping, but Disappears is able to make it work. They’re not reinventing psychadelia, but there’s no faulting Disappears for that when Guider is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.