Dirty Fences: First EP [Expanded Reissue] 12” (Dirty Water)

DirtyFences-FirstEPDirty Fences
First EP [Expanded Reissue] 12”
(Dirty Water)

Boston’s Dirty Fences is comprised of three Maxes and a Jack – Jack Daves (vocals, guitar), Max Roseglass (guitar), Max Comaskey (bass), and Max Hiersteiner (drums). The group of punk rockers came together when Hiersteiner sliced the tip of his finger off in high school woodshop class and Daves took him to the hospital. On the way to get stitched up, the two started talking about music, as most teens do, and found they had a common love for rebellion rock & roll from Motley Crue to the Ramones.

While on tour supporting their 2015 release, ‘Dirty Tramp,’ Dirty Fences wrote a pair of new songs – “2X2” and “Sell Your Truth” – and contacted Dirty Water Records about issuing a 7-inch for these songs. But Dirty Water took it a step further and reissued the band’s debut EP with these two new gems tacked on the vinyl version.

Opening with the frantic punk rocker “1000,” the tone is set with this reissue. Dirty Fences were raw and hungry kids when these tracks were originally recorded, and it shows in their song craft. But that’s not a bad thing. Close your eyes while spinning this record, and you can picture the band in a damp crowd basement cranking it out for their friends at a local house party.

“Bomber” is anti-war rocker full of piss and vinegar, while “East Gun Hill” plays out like a lost Motorhead song. “Keep Your Kitten Inside” pays homage to the 1970s British punk invasion, and “Sid” finds the band with groove and chants. The pair of new tracks, “2X2” and “Sell Your Truth,” shows the growth in the band’s songwriting and presentation. They are a tighter band now than when they started. Dirty Fences incorporates more harmonies and singalong songs, as opposed to the balls-out fury of their earlier work.

This is another thing to love about the recent surge of vinyl releases. It gives music fans a second chance to discover a band which they missed out on the first go around.