Dirt: Season Two

Season Two

Much like the tabloids it parodies, the Courtney Cox-starring cable show “Dirt” is a guilty pleasure: Pure trash, little redeeming value, but extremely hard to turn away from.

Cox does the nearly impossible playing cold-as-ice Lucy Spiller, editor-in-chief of the glossy celeb tabloid Dirt Now, and manages to actually come off as likeable. She might just be one of TV’s ultimate antiheroes.

Much like “Law & Order,” the story lines in “Dirt” are “ripped from the headlines” with obvious nods to Britney’s famous meltdown (complete with a questionably-talented rapper/husband); and Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic father and Kirstie Alley’s weight problems. The series also throws in some over-the-top plots (similar to fellow FX series “Nip/Tuck”) like murderous movie stars.

On the second and final season, the show was finally catching its groove when the TV writers’ strike in 2007 forced the creators to end the series rather abruptly after only seven episodes. The folks at FX then cancelled the series without a proper conclusion. With Cox now getting stirring reviews on ABC’s “Cougar Town,” the likelihood of someone reviving the series now is pretty close to nil.