deVries: Death to God

Death to God
(Noise on Noise)

Lush. Melodic. Layered. Light. Airy. Ethereal. Beautiful. Mancunian. Death to God is billed as the first effort from Travis DeVries’ (of the late, great Seattle band The Turn Ons) new band deVries. However, since it features all former members of The Turn Ons on one song or another and is augmented by a couple of additional guest musicians, I’m thinking it is his first solo album. Or, since the full band is represented, maybe this is their way of starting fresh … kind of like what the members of Smoking Popes did when they broke up and then reformed as Duvall before reforming as the Smoking Popes. Time will tell.

The production on Death to God is fresh, yet maintains its indie familiarity. Plus, despite “on the sleeve” influences dating back to the early 1990s, think Chapterhouse, Lush, The Stone Roses (with the psychedelia toned done a notch) or The Charlatans, the album sounds relatively modern. If you’re into or missing the jangly ring of early ’90s Britpop, Death to God is the album for you.