Defiled: Anonymous Internet Sex Addiction

Defiled: Anonymous Internet Sex Addiction
Directed by Zachary Paul
(Independent Entertainment)

The title “Defiled: Anonymous Internet Sex Addiction” is kind of misleading because this film isn’t about addiction to the internet or sex addiction, but the title is a nice play on words.

Our lead – Cassidy played by Amanda Myers is the precieved perfect girl fresh out of high school. She is adored by her parents; she was the prom queen and has the boyfriend, although he still thinks she is a virgin. Cassidy is far from a virgin and far from the perfect girl. She has posted a few online ads with her address and phone number looking for someone to fulfill her fantasy of being raped by a stranger. After one of her regular guys doesn’t do it for her anymore she posts again and gets a response from a stranger who is simply called “the Man” played by Jeffrey Hallman.

The Man shows up and the fantasy is done, but when it gets out of hand is the next morning. He kills Cassidy’s friend and tortures Cassidy since her parents are going to be out of town for two days.

“Defiled” is basic single-location horror film with very graphic imagery and a plot that is sure to offend many. Myers is pretty good as the lead with her acting, but Hallman is just horrible. He is far from convincing as a killer/rapist and has no emotion when delivering his lines. There are some funny moments (they’re not supposed to be funny though) like when Myers throws a vase at Hallman that barely hits him and he takes a fall.

“Defiled: Anonymous Internet Sex Addiction” had its moments, but it is clearly an indie B-horror movie which has some questionable plot material.