Deadbolt: I Should Have Killed You

I Should Have Killed You

Deadbolt’s I Should Have Killed You definitely did not fall into my greatest albums list, but truth be told, I’m a little frightened to write them a bad review.

I spent a lot of time listening to this album, and jumping back and forth between wondering whether the album is intentionally funny, or are they as homicidal as their lyrics suggest? Personally, I hope for the former, but even then a lot of the humor is based entirely on shock value. Just the same, it got a few laughs out of me, whether intended or not. The lyrics have absolutely no depth, nuance or emotion, nor do I think the intention was to create deep, nuanced or emotional lyrics. Most songs revolve around killing other men, shooting “vegan hippie girls” or telephoning the dead.

Despite the sometimes funny, sometimes just a little too disturbing lyrics, the music was actually good. Yes, the creepy echoing “ahhs” that accompany the background of many songs becomes a little tiresome, but the music fits the theme of the album, and it’s always refreshing to have a rock band singer who doesn’t whine out his lyrics. This album is not for the politically correct, but it could be for those who have a bizarre sense of humor. Take it from a vegetarian pseudo-hippie girl, if you can laugh off the lyrics, the album is not half-bad.