David “Honeyboy” Edwards: I’m Gonna Tell You Somethin’ That I Know: Live At The G Spot (Omnivore)

honeyboyedwardsDavid “Honeyboy” Edwards
I’m Gonna Tell You Somethin’ That I Know: Live At The G Spot

Born in Shaw, Mississippi, on June 28, 1915, blues singer/songwriter David “Honeyboy” Edwards was considered to be one of the last in a historic line from the Mississippi Delta. “Honeyboy” had ties as far back as Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sunnyland Slim, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and many more. At the age of 95, Honeyboy was the recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 and would go on to play his final gig later that year.

That final show took place at the celebrated blues club, the G Spot in Los Angeles. Backed by Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners and his long-time friend and manager, Michael Frank, Honeyboy played a rousing 10-song set filled with Honeyboy originals, blues classics such as “Little Boy Blue,” “Catfish Blues,” “Sweet Home Chicago,” and “That’s Alright.” The intimate performance is here in the ‘I’m Gonna Tell You Somethin’ That I Know’ CD and DVD package. More than just a live recording, the DVD portion of ‘I’m Gonna Tell You Somethin’ That I Know’ has a bonus feature of Honeyboy doing a 20-minute interview where he shares a little bit of his life and dishes out some advice for other musicians. It is truly inspiring and educational for any music fan.

The image of this man, 95 years of age, with his Les Paul on his knees, playing it with rings on his fingers with joy and excitement as if he was a kid learning to play guitar, is amazing. And Honeyboy wasn’t just strumming a few easy blues chords. He was playing the leads, plucking those strings with the dexterity of guitarists 50 years his junior.

Honeyboy’s manager released a statement on July 17, 2011, saying, in part, the blues legend would be retiring due to health issues. A month later, August 29, 2011, David “Honeyboy” Edwards passed away at 3 a.m. from congestive heart failure at his home.

Blues fans are left with his memory and this gift – ‘I’m Gonna Tell You Somethin’ That I Know: Live At The G Spot.’