David Bowie: The Calm Before The Storm-Under Review 1969-1971

David Bowie
The Calm Before The Storm-Under Review 1969-1971
(Sexy Intellectual)

Yet, another documentary with various talking heads that manages, despite itself, to have some worthwhile insight into early Bowie and his vision and/or drive.

However, the complete absence of its raison d’être, i.e. no Bowie other than leftover footage shot by others, does tend to give this a bit of a slapdash feeling. I guess, ultimately, it begs the question, who would want to watch this?

If you care, then it’s a fair guess that you already know most of everything that is mentioned in the film. If you don’t care about Bowie to this level of detail, then combined with the complete lack of star-power, I can’t imagine you wanting to sit through this DVD. Ultimately, this visually dynamic artist is reduced to a relatively dull documentary. How did that happen?